dimanche 28 novembre 2010

Plateau Milieu de Vie: Qui nous sommes

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Plateau Milieu de Vie a dit…

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous,

thank you for your constructive comment. And I actually am quite serious: apparently you know things that we don't. Where exactly did you see a letter by Mme Vallée on this page?

I usually don't feed the trolls, nevertheless please let me explain some facts that you might have misunderstood, and some others to explain the way we see things -and I apologize in advance for my poor English skills:

- Mr Méthé's letter was written way *before* the agreement was signed between the 3 parties. As a matter of fact, you don't seem to grab quite how long this dispute has actually lasted. Within 2 weeks, even within 2 days, one has time enough to make up one's mind, especially if confronted everyday with ads in the stores one usually visits telling people what to think in a way that reminds one of something called the Far West.

- As for the "democratic" aspect of the battle we have all been entrenched in -in most cases against our wills-: we welcome the expression of an opposition to any idea. We welcome the opportunity of a debate, *IF* the parties are showing some good will. Might I remind you that not only the merchants' reprentatives originally had been consulted in the process, but that they also publicly expressed their support to the parking plan. Mr. Depatie was interviewed on the radio a few weeks before its release and he had nothing to oppose to measures he deemed necessary himself. Why, if I may ask, has he so dramatically changed his mind?

- We welcome the agreement that has been reached in the end. BUT, and that is one, big 'but', we were shocked, as residents, to have been taken hostages by the merchants' representatives who claimed they were defending our interests without event asking us. To make myself very clear: we, individually, have been going into our usual stores and discussing with the owners or managers to better understand their claims, and to make ours more understandable in their eyes. We often had no choice but to recognize that their so-called representatives had in no way explained what exactly they were fighting (given that all arguments written on the ad were incomplete). We also in many cases understood that, being local merchants and getting the importance of maintaining good contacts with their immediate neighbors, they got our points, and sometimes even took the ad off. *That* is what I call democracy: talking, exchanging views, understanding each oher's point of view, trying to "depassionate" the situation. What the merchants associations did was nothing but plain and simple opposition, without reasonable arguments nor counter-propositions, in one word: demagogy. Note that I am talking about the assocations, not the merchants themselves.

- As for the political bounds you condemn us for, I invite you to re-read all 3 main political platforms for the Plateau in the last election. You should be able to see that they are all alike -all wishing better quality of life, less cars, more security, more greening on the streets, etc. "Shit happens", if I understand you well, and Projet Montreal won the bid If this makes our aspirations too close to power in your eyes, I would like to invite you to join us so you can see that we accept anyone as long as they are defending the idea of a peaceful and secure "village" neighbourhood, one where people know and greet each other on the streets, know and like their merchants, invest time and ideas to enhance things the way they can, propose "bigger" ideas to the administration if need be. "A-political" means you don't have to be a member of Projet Montreal or any other political party to get involved in our association (many of our founding members are indeed not): Nobody has the monopoly over good ideas.

Plateau Milieu de Vie

Denis a dit…

Dear "Anonymous",

My name is Denis Méthé. I am not anonymous... And I do not like to exchange with people with no name, but I will try, nevertheless...

I would like to add that to support a government's actions, be they national, provincial or local, has nothing to do with political partisanship. The people that have been elected had a program, and they are implementing it. That groups, individuals, associations express themselves for or against it after an election is fine. But the problem arises often in "modern democracy" when consultations occur and some people or groups are still not happy with is being done. And very often, unfortunately, they are crying out loud that they "have not been consulted". The truth is elsewhere: they simply do not agree and will do everything to make sure nothing is done...

Does it mean then that every time a group or some individuals are not in agreement with a government's actions it has to stall and do nothing ?

In the open,
Denis Méthé

Anonyme a dit…

(les 2 réponses ci-dessus s'adressaient au commentaire qui suit, qui pour une raison inconnue avait disparu du radar)

Anonyme a dit…

I just read Mme Vallee's letter to the association of merchants. I am shocked and disappointed!!! Your organization calls itself apolitical but clearly the letter is partisan in favour of Project Montreal and Mayor Ferrandez. You also do not respect the understanding reached by Mayor Ferrandez, Mayor Tremblay and the association of merchants, which are democratic in nature. The associations represent the wishes of the members. Speaking of democracy since when does an election result in no right to protest bad borough policies? Have you forgottten Parc Avenue? If you want to tie yourselves to a particular political party fine but do not pretend that you are apolitical. Shame on you!!!

7 décembre 2010 18:06